Reinventing Skin Science

Experience Matters.

Developing innovative, safe and effective therapies is a challenge. Experience matters! Our Board has that experience and provides us with insight on how to maximize results, have a sense of urgency and accelerate the pipeline. By surrounding ourselves with these successful, experienced entrepreneurs, we maximize the potential for successful outcomes.

Sean Stalfort

Sean Stalfort has served as a member of our board of directors since December 2015. Mr. Stalfort is President at PBM Capital Group, LLC, a private equity investment firm in the business of investing in healthcare and life-science related companies. Prior to joining PBM Capital Group, LLC, Mr. Stalfort was the Executive Vice President for New Business Development/M&A for PBM Products. Mr. Stalfort is also a founding Partner of Octagon Partners and Octagon Finance, historic tax credit real estate companies. Mr. Stalfort is a director of Dova Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a publicly traded pharmaceutical company, as well as several private healthcare companies. Mr. Stalfort received a B.A. in Business Economics and Political Science from Brown University.