Reinventing Skin Science

Brilliant. Diverse. Passionate.

Delivering effective pharmaceutical solutions requires a team of visionaries who are committed to achieving success. Rich in experience, brilliance and tenacity the leadership team at Verrica is tirelessly dedicated to developing innovative therapies in medical dermatology.

Experience Matters.

Developing innovative, safe and effective therapies is a challenge. Experience matters! Our Board has that experience and provides us with insight on how to maximize results, have a sense of urgency and accelerate the pipeline. By surrounding ourselves with these successful, experienced entrepreneurs, we maximize the potential for successful outcomes.

The Science Behind Transformative Therapies.

To impact real change in the pharmaceutical industry requires the absolute finest minds in science and research. Our scientific A-Team is here to drive our research forward, keep our projects on target and remain hyper-focused on addressing the unmet needs in medical dermatology.

Navigating the Pharmaceutical Landscape.

Bringing life-changing therapies to market can be complex. Avoiding mistakes is just as important as new breakthrough technologies. Our expert advisors spot the rabbit holes not worth chasing, and clear the way for our transformative therapies to succeed.

A Foundation Built on Trusted Success.

Verrica's investors include luminaries in the dermatology, pediatric and pharmaceutical industries who have built brands, products and companies that continue to create value for hundreds of millions of consumers.
Some of our investors include: